What You Get

At commercial product photography you’ll get finely produced images taken under perfect lighting conditions, for your catalogue, clothing, jewellery, fashion, food & accessories.

The Lighting & Lenses

I utilise three 400 watt strobes on two seperate stages,  inluding backlighting through perspex. The lenses consist a range from Canon L series + 100 mm Canon L macro for fine close ups. I offer the best.

I Can Come To You

I am also happy to provide onsite service for your larger objects such as furniture, all my lighting equipment fits into a carry bag for partability.


Quality & Cost

All images are taken using a canon digital slr camera, this camera is designed to produce perfect results. I am able to offer a considerably more affordable service by offering product pack options with a few angles per product, while you’ll find my competitors starting prices are set on $15 per image, please click the packages link for further details on packages

Not Just Studio Bookings

I have another website which covers more general purpose or outdoor photography ie. sporting events, fashion shows, real estate, parties, concerts etc i have the help of a 150mm / 1000mm lens that can make those hard to access areas very accesable through the camera, if your projects require another dimension then please visit me through the link www.photographybyclermont.com